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Vic Hardy Updates   Espresso   Updated 50 minutes ago   1 Most recent comment from Vic Hardy:Espresso: The visual composer and rev slider are out of date.  I downloaded new versions of both.  vc worked but the newer rev slider brought down the site. Even after I removed it and loaded the em ... Josimar Silva Does not work in TAB structure.   Booked   Updated 1 day ago   2 Most recent comment from Justin Scheetz:I answered privately, but I will answer here as well. Basically, here's what's happening: Booked loads the calendars on the page. One of them is shown, the others are hidden in the tabs. Once th ... darrellbedford Products Links and redirect not working   Payments w/WooCommerce (Booked Add-On)   Updated 2 days ago   1 Most recent comment from darrellbedford:when I click product is bookable it alters the product url. why and to what? also the redirect goes to an empty cart. Kaalii Email   Booked   Updated 3 days ago   1 Most recent comment from Kaalii:So first sorry for my english I'm french.  Since I install payment module, I encountered some issues with Email.  Nothing is send when a customer take an appointment. Nobody get a mail (customer or ... simplefine ways Setting Cron   Booked   Updated 3 days ago   2 Most recent comment from Justin Scheetz:You need to have your hosting provider enable "wget" on your server, or use the CURL method instead: curl -s "http:/simplefineways.com/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron"