Custom Calendars

Booked allows you to create calendars for each service you offer. Each calendar can have its own default time slots, custom time slots and custom fields. This makes it incredibly powerful for business that offer different services on different days or times.

If you only offer a single service and do not need different calendars, you can stick with the "Default" calendar. Otherwise, you'll want to head over to the Appointments > Calendars section to add your calendars.

Once you have your calendars created, you can then head back to the Settings page and create time slots and custom fields for each calendar. Keep in mind two things:

  1. If you do not add calendar specific time slots or custom fields, that calendar will use the "Default" ones instead. If you do NOT want this to happen, you need to either remove the default time slots and fields, or create ones for the calendar.
  2. Each calendar can be assigned to either an Administrator or Booking Agent user. If assigned, then all notifications and calendar access will be specific to that user. Administrators can still see all of the calendars, but Booking Agents can only see calendars they are assigned to.

As an example regarding the first point:
If you have two services that share the same time slots but have different custom fields, you could create time slots under the "Default" calendar, and then leave the calendars blank. Add some custom fields to each calendar, and you're all set. They will both use the same time slot settings, but have different custom fields.

Displaying your calendars:
Each calendar uses the same [booked-calendar] shortcode, but you must add its ID as the "calendar" field. So for example, if your calendar ID is 123, your shortcode would look like this:

[booked-calendar calendar="123"]

More shortcode examples here: Shortcodes