Creating the Staff Page

Adding a Staff Member Page with Groups

If you want to organize your staff members (People) by groups, you can follow the directions here:

  1. When you create a staff member, be sure to add them to a group by using the Groups taxonomy on to the right of the editor window.
  2. Then go to the Theme Options panel (Appearance > Theme Options) and then go to the General Styling tab. From there, scroll down and find the checkbox to "Split up Staff page into groups.":
  3. Then create a page called "Staff" (or whatever you'd like) and choose the "Staff" template:

Ordering the Groups

You can use the group slugs to order them. Edit your group names from the Staff > Groups page and change the slug names to have numbers in the order you want them in. So something like this:




Your users never see these slugs but it will make them display in the correct order on the Staff page.