Creating a Slider

Note: This doesn't include documentation on how to build a slider with the Slider Revolution plugin. Please refer to their documentation for questions about building those sliders.

Create a Slider

  1. Go to Sliders > Add New.
  2. Give your slider a title to refer to when choosing a slider.
  3. Click the arrow on the right side of the first slide to pop open the settings panel.
  4. Give the slide a title, some content and choose an image from your Media Library or upload a new one using the Select Image button on the right. You can then optionally add a custom button to the slide by filling out the bottom two fields.
  5. You can then add more slides by clicking the Add Slide button at the bottom.
  6. Publish/Update your slider.

Add a Slider to a Page

Now that you have a slider created, you can very easily add it to a page of your choice. Just edit or create a new page and scroll down below the page content window. You will see a big "Page Settings" panel there. The very first option is the slider you want to display on the page. Choose the slider you want to display and update your page. That's it!