Creating Feature Blocks

Note: This doesn't include documentation on how to build a slider with the Slider Revolution plugin. Please refer to their documentation for questions about building those sliders.

Create your first Feature Block

  1. Go to Feature Block > Add New Block.
  2. Give your block a title. The title shows up in the block itself and in the dropdown for selecting which Feature Blocks to display.
  3. Give your block some text content, optionally add a button with some text, a URL and an icon (if desired).
  4. If you want an image to show up in your feature block, you'll need to click the "Set featured image" link on the right in the Featured Image panel. Choose/upload an image and click the "Set featured image" button in the popup window to set it.
  5. Publish your Feature Block!

Adding to a Page

Now that you have one or more feature block(s) created, you can very easily them to a page of your choice. Just edit or create a new page and scroll down below the page content window. You will see a big "Page Settings" panel there. Look for the section called "Feature Block Layout".

You can choose to display 1, 2, or 3 feature blocks. Just choose the option you want to use and then select a feature block for each column. Update/publish the page and you're all set!