Using the Menu Builder

Once you're ready to start creating some food item menus for your restaurant website, you can use Boxy's exclusive Menu Builder.

Create Some Labels (optional)

This is definitely optional, but highly recommended if you want to call out some of your items in specific ways (new, spicy, vegetarian, etc.).

  1. First, let's head on over to the Menu Builder > Menu Item Labels screen.
  2. From this screen you can start adding some item labels. Just fill out the information on the left side and choose a color for each label. The "Name" field is the only required field, but a color is also recommended for differentiation.

Create Some Labels (optional)

  1. Let's head on over to the Menu Builder > Add New.
  2. Very similar to building a slider, you simply give the menu a title and then start adding some menu items.
  3. Each menu item can have a title, subtitle, description, price, image and an item label. The ONLY required field is the title, but it is suggested that you make use of at least some of the other fields to give it a nice, descriptive look.
  4. Once you're done with the menu, just click Publish/Update to save it.

Displaying a Menu

You may have noticed that when you create a new menu, it includes a custom shortcode listed above the menu builder.

  1. Copy that shortcode snippet.
  2. Paste the shortcode anywhere that you want the menu to show up. You can paste it within columns (using Visual Composer) or just right on any page in between your content.
  3. That's it!