Homepage Customization / Widgets

Creating / Editing the Homepage

The homepage is different than other pages because it supports a unique set of widgets built just for it. Follow this guide to create your homepage:

  1. Create a page, call it "Homepage" or whatever sounds good.
  2. Go to Settings > Reading and then choose "A static page" radio option.
  3. Then in the dropdowns below, select your homepage and blog posts page (If you have one created. If not, create a page called Blog and choose it here).

Now you have a homepage. You can add content to this page just like any other page, but using the Homepage Widgets, you can add some homepage-only content:

  1. Go to Appearance > Customize and make sure you're viewing your homepage.
  2. In the tabs on the left, click the Widgets tab.
  3. Click Homepage Content.
  4. Click the Add a Widget button.
  5. From the list, choose one of the "Homepage" labeled widgets. They include:

    1. Homepage - Blog Posts
    2. Homepage - Content Columns
    3. Homepage - Parallax
    4. Homepage - Recipes

Each widget has it's own unique properties to adjust, have fun! If you're looking for the Recipe Slider, that is something found in the page settings (you can add a recipe slider to any page). You can learn more about that from here: https://boxystudio.ticksy.com/article/13970/