Theme Customizations / Colors

If you want to make small or large changes to the theme's look and/or functionality, you can do so from the Appearance > Customize screen. This is the WordPress Customizer.

Logo, Site Name, Etc.

The first tab in the customizer is the Site Identity tab. This is where you can upload and set your logo as well as the tiny favicon that shows up in the browser tab at the top. Just click Change Logo to change your logo, add your Site Title and Tagline, and set your favicon from the Change image button at the bottom.

Theme Settings

The second tab is the Theme Settings tab. This is where almost everything else is customized. Most of these items are straight-forward but here are a few tips:

General: Simple stuff here, you can set the site layout from Full width to Boxed, choose your button style and disable responsive css if needed.

Recipe Slider: All of the options here let you customize the global settings for what the recipe slider looks like. You will most likely only use this slider on the homepage or at the root of your recipes page, but it does affect ALL recipe sliders. Just keep that in mind.

Header: From here you can choose your header height and choose what you want to display in the upper right. You can hide/show a search box (recipes or WordPress), and hide/show the Cooked profile buttons. More on user profiles this in the Cooked article here.

Footer: Choose the content for your footer, both on the left side and the right.

Typography: You can set your default font size at the top, and then adjust for each heading type below that.

Pages & Posts: You can set a default Page/Post layout from here. Hide/show the page/post titles, hide/show the breadcrumbs, choose a featured image style, etc. These are the global settings, but you can adjust these for each page you create from the edit screen.

WooCommerce: If you have WooCommerce installed, you will see this tab with a few layout and color options. To get more WooCommerce color controls, install and activate the WooCommerce Colors add-on.

Socials: This is where you would add all of your social profile links. These will show up in the navigation bar or footer, if you choose to put them there.

Theme Colors

The Colors tab will let you adjust all of the different colors found throughout the theme. Lots of options, but all straight-forward. Just click and pick a new color or paste in a HEX code manually.