Common Questions

1. How can I add an "unclickable" link to my menu?

Using the Appearance > Menus admin page, simply add a link from the Link panel on the left. Set the URL to "#" and give the title whatever name you'd like. Note that this will make the page jump to the top when clicked unless you add some custom Javascript to prevent that.

2. On mobile, I can't click on my parent dropdown items. How can I fix that?

Using the Appearance > Menus admin page, you need to create a new menu JUST for mobile devices. This menu should have "unclickable" items (see #1 above) as the dropdown parent items, and then regular menu items under those. Then you would need to assign this new menu to the Mobile Menu spot.

3. Why am I getting 404 (page not found) errors on my pages/posts?

Most likely this is a permalinks issue:

  1. Go to Settings > Permalinks and set them to something other than Default.
  2. Be sure your .htaccess file is writeable (777) and click Save. This should fix any permalink issues related to the theme.

4. I uploaded and activated the theme, but it says it's missing the stylesheet?

Unzip the file you got from ThemeForest first. It contains documentation, a license file, probably some other things and most importantly—the theme files that you need to upload. You need to upload this theme zip file, not the main zip file you downloaded from ThemeForest.